Sunset Lake

I’m launching this blog now that I’m working part-time after being buried in my legal career for over 35 years and battling cancer for the past few. I plan to periodically write short pieces spanning an array of subjects, including:

  • Lessons learned practicing law, advising clients through difficult straits, and grappling with serious medical problems, as well as dealing with the challenges and enjoying the advantages of aging.
  • My two cents on politics, news events, and the media.
  • Profiles of some fascinating people – from prominent business leaders and doctors, to recent immigrants forging their way.
  • Some reflections on life, history, and the world around us.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I look forward to your comments, and would appreciate your sharing any posts you find worthy on your social networks.

Featured Post

Rich Rothman Jazz Piano

Music II—Inching Up The Foothills Of Jazz

This is an account of how, at the age of 61, I found myself whining with frustration, afraid of humiliating myself, and then fired by my piano teacher—all part of a journey that's nevertheless been a highlight of these twilight years. After traipsing around the Dobbs...

Mask Up and Vote in Person

Call me stupid, as some of you undoubtedly will, given that I have the trifecta: “advanced” age, a compromised immune system, and a chronic lung condition. But I’m planning to vote in person, and hope that others who can possibly do so will too, especially in...

My Life in Music – Part l

It began on Christmas in Dobbs Ferry, New York when I was about six, which would have been 1958.  I woke my sister Debbie before dawn to get a jump on opening presents. Ripping away the wrapping paper, I discovered a book around the size of a comic book:  the Trapp...
Butcher Shop

My Short Career In The Meat Business

It wasn’t my first job in the meat business. My short career in the industry began in the summer of 1968.

Battling Cancer

Battling Cancer: Restructuring and Enjoying Your New Life

While I certainly wouldn’t have wished for cancer, I’m happy with my “new life,” and don’t pine for the old one.

Trusted Advisor

How To Become A Trusted Advisor

Young professionals in a wide array of fields will have the opportunity to become a trusted advisor.